Have you felt it? A strange kindling of the Force?

On November 9: Longtime Kindlings Muse podcast host Dick Staub emerges from his Orcas Island home and returns to Hales Brewery & Pub in Seattle to join the new host — Seattle Pacific University’s Dr. Jeff Keuss — along with Star Wars superfan Carlo Nakar, and me … as we sit down with good company, good food, and good beverages, to become mindful of the Star Wars saga together.

We will try not to awaken the Force early as we discuss the upcoming blockbuster… because if the Force is awakened before its alarm goes off it will get really, really angry.

STAUB. KEUSS. OVERSTREET. We have a bad feeling about this.

We will ponder these questions:

Can we trust J.J. Abrams? Is the Force strong in him?

What about Lawrence Kasdan? Sure, he co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back, but he is also responsible for Dreamcatcher and Darling Companion, so…

Is this just going to be a nostalgia-fest? Or are there good reasons for a new hope?

What does Star Wars really mean anymore? Why did we fall in love with it in the first place? How many Star Wars toys do we still keep in storage?

And we will answer your questions.

Tickets for our live podcast event are available now.