On Books & Writing

You won’t find much here just yet, but the future of Looking Closer will bring a new focus on literature.

For now, Looking Closer’s Books & Writing branch offers you past posts related to literature and some quotable wisdom from other writers that I have found — no exaggeration here — life-changing.

Also, here are a few of my interviews with writers who have inspired me.

But much more lies ahead, so stay tuned: I am blessed to be a part of many extraordinary communities of writers, and I look forward to introducing them to you.

Since 2007, Anne and I have been members of The Chrysostom Society — a writers’ community that has a remarkable history. I plan to bring you some conversations with the accomplished writers we have come to know and love there.

We are also enthusiastic readers, writers, and learners in the community of Image. Image has set the standard for journals of literature, arts, and faith. The crew of the Image ship — especially its captain, Gregory Wolfe — have enriched our lives in many ways, but most importantly by hosting The Glen Workshop, a gathering of writers and other artists who explore territories of art and faith together in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have attended that annual event for eleven years running; it is the centerpiece of our year. I’ve had the privilege of teaching film seminars there twice, and a third year leading a seminar on contemplating and interpreting a wide variety of arts (poetry, songwriting, short fiction, cinema, and more).

Other communities — those that have invited me to speak and teach, like New York’s International Arts Movement, Nashville’s Hutchmoot, Covenant College (as writers in residence), Judson University, Lee University, St. Leo University, Biola University, Northwestern College — have introduced me to other thriving communities of writing, artistry, and imagination.