Film Review Archive

Some kids keep diaries. When I was a kid, I wrote reviews — reviews of music, books, and movies. And I never stopped. I eventually wrote film and music reviews for my college newspaper, and I started posting reviews online as soon as I learned how (in the late ’90s). This archive contains reviews dating all the way back to those early endeavors as an amateur online film critic.

I frequently revise my film reviews with new perspectives. My view on any work of art is always evolving. (I hope my writing is improving as well.)

You’re invited to browse a selection of those reviews, which are included here as an alphabetical index, and elsewhere in a chronological flow. Many of my reviews are currently offline because they needed maintenance due to the blog’s many format changes, or because they need revision.

If you’re looking for a review that isn’t listed here, email me at

Also note: This archive includes some guest reviews by friends and colleagues, and some Film Forum reviews which include excerpts from a variety of critics.