Comment Policy

At Looking Closer, most posts invite your comments.

But please note that your comment may not show up on the site immediately. In order to spare us all from the scourge of spam and the attacks of trolls, I review all comments before approving them, and sometimes I don’t get to considering the comments that have come in for a day or two.

Which Comments will I post?

If I approve your Comment for sharing, it is probably because it answers “Yes” to these questions:

1) Is it about the subject at hand?

2) Does it convey a spirit of grace and respect?

3) Is it constructive?

4) Does it qualify as a question or a comment instead of a lecture, a rant, an essay, or a manifesto?

When will I post them?

Comments are held in a “moderation bin” until I’ve had time to “check the mail” and then decided what to do. Days may pass before comments appear.

Three more things to note:

1) I reserve the right to highlight and quote your comment — including your name —  in a future blog post… unless you specifically request otherwise.

2) I reserve the right not only to delete offensive comments, but to ban comment-posters who threaten civil discourse, in order to cultivate a welcoming, neighborly Looking Closer community.

3) Nothing I have said here so far suggests that I will discourage debate or delete contrary viewpoints. Debate is wonderful. Disrespectful debate is not.