Light From Light: A Looking Closer Film Forum

Until I can finish my own review, here's a round table of reviews worth reading that represent a range of perspectives on my favorite ghost story of 2019.

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Pope Francis: A Man of His Word — a Looking Closer film forum

Can a documentary about the Pope give us a complex, nuanced, truthful vision that is more than just a vehicle for a message?

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I’m Blade-running behind

I'm traveling at the moment, so I'll have to catch the most important sequel of the decade after everyone else has seen it. But here are some reviews worth reading.

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Knight of Cups (or, All My Favorite Critics Disagree)

Terrence Malick's films tend to divide film critics, even those who usually agree. This time, his work has sent them careening in all directions.

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Mistress America (2015)

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The Peanuts Movie (2015): A Looking Closer Film Forum

As The Peanuts Movie opens in theaters, the news seems to be good.

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