Playful, nightmarish, fantastical, political: Problemista is all over the place

Julio Torres's leap from television's Los Espookys to the big screen has some remarkable highlights... and some complicated challenges.

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Cabrini celebrates a true Christian vision of embracing immigrants and opposing cruelty

Angel Studios' new film celebrates a woman who helped America practice what it preaches about welcoming immigrants and serving the poor. And this time, the studio gets it mostly right.

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Love Lies Bleeding “hulks out” with surreal surprises

This wild, weird, violent, genre-dodging thriller from Rose Glass suggests we're seeing a B-movie auteur on the rise.

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The spirit of ’80s Tim Burton is alive in Lisa Frankenstein

This Halloween-y rom-com is an '80s cosplay party that should scratch itches for Tim Burton fans and those who thrilled to the audacity of Heathers.

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Adam Driver plays a driver — again! — in Michael Mann’s Ferrari

Michael Mann's passion project has finally arrived. Is it a victory lap for the master? Or does it crash and burn?

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Teyana Taylor deserved an Oscar nomination for A Thousand and One

When I reviewed this film, I predicted that Teyana Taylor would be unjustly overlooked for an Oscar nomination. I was right. But we still have the movie and her outstanding performance.

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Kore-eda’s Monster keeps us guessing

The prolific director Hirozaku Kore-eda's latest is a complex braid of stories about secrets that seem too scary to reveal.

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It’s allergy season, and I’m allergic to Godzilla

You'll think about Japanese wartime and post-war history. You'll find a focus on redemption and grace. You'll cheer for great special effects. And if you're luckier than me, it might become your favorite Godzilla movie.

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Haynes hits a tense, hilarious high with May December

Just as Todd Haynes's new film keeps us guessing about Julianne Moore's deceptive ex-con and Natalie Portman's scheming method actor, it keeps us guessing what kind of movie it really means to be.

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The great Nicolas Cage shows up for Dream Scenario, but is the movie worthy of him?

No, Nicolas Cage is not "funnier than he's ever been." But he's really funny. And while everyone complains about the lackluster ending, let me praise what it does so well.

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The Holdovers lives up to its name

Alexander Payne's latest has its highlights, even if it holds us a little too long, and strains a little too hard for a crowd-pleasing conclusion.

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Beauty and the rock’n’roll beast: Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla

A double-feature of Priscilla and Spencer might be a fascinating study. Or it might seem merely redundant.

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Misgivings about “a masterpiece”: Killers of the Flower Moon

Scorsese's new epic features some of the strongest and most conscientious work of his career. But the fact I'm opening with words about him here hints at what gives me mixed feelings about the film.

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Three Colors: Blue at 30

My 10,000-word deep-dive on Kieslowski's masterpiece is published in a new anthology.

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Bottoms is for 2023 what Heathers was for 1988

Here's a high school comedy about hormones and hijinks that goes to violent extremes, afflicting the comfortable and making the uncomfortable laugh until they're sick.

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Lily Gladstone goes soul-searching in The Unknown Country

You're probably hearing a lot about Lily Gladstone's performance in Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon. In fact, she was just as magnetic earlier this year in The Unknown Country, a film worth seeking out on streaming services, and one of my favorites of 2023.

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Barbie, Pt. 3: My full review!

My three-part series on Greta Gerwig's Barbie culminates with my full review.

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Killers of My Substack Journal: New films by Scorsese and Fincher

In a season of intensifying violence — in American neighborhoods, and in battlefields of global significance — some of our best filmmakers are telling stories about gun-wielding villains. I've just published thoughts on The Killer and Killers of the Flower Moon.

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Barbie, Pt. 2: Action figures, their accessories, and me

In Part Two of my Barbie coverage, I establish some necessary context for my upcoming film review. My history with toy trends is a story of formative influences: Barbies for girls, armed men for boys.

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Barbie, Pt. 1: While frightened men burn dolls, Christian women rave about Barbie’s wisdom

Greta Gerwig's brilliant blockbuster gets us laughing at the absurdity of real-world hierarchies (including injustices often reinforced in Christian circles to the harm of everyone involved).

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Was Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Christopher Nolan seems to be remaking Steven Spielberg's "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in this profound meditation on America's self-righteous obsession with coercive violence and apocalyptic firepower.

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A scorecard for Star Wars: Visions — Season 2

A quick review of my personal Star Wars history and notes on this new animated series, which has a few delightful surprises... and a whole lot of storytelling that might've been ChatGPT'd.

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Showing Up: a movie that will make artists feel seen

Kelly Reichardt's latest depicts the day-to-day challenges of artmaking with such truthfulness that artists may find it almost too familiar.

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Second star to the right and straight on ’til … mourning?

David Lowery's "Peter Pan and Wendy" gives us a glimpse of the unconventionally meditative and innovative adaptation that might have been. But what it actually is? That might well be the result of studio interference, judging from these strangely incoherent results.

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Kelly Fremon Craig gives us the perfect prelude to Barbie

Most people missed the long-awaited adaptation of "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret." in the theater. That's a shame, as it's one of 2023's most enjoyable films so far.

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First impressions of They Cloned Tyrone

The new Netflix sci-fi comedy features John Boyega and Jamie Foxx in their best performances in years.

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The best rom-com of 2023? Don’t miss Rye Lane!

This rom-com from newcomer Raine Allen Miller just might be the meet-cutest film of the year.

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First impressions of Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning

Here's a preview of Overstreet's thoughts on the latest Mission: Impossible movie.

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A guy sets up a camera on his balcony… and magic happens

Pawel Łoziński offers us the privilege of meeting his neighbors in a documentary full of chance encounters and surprises.

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How to Blow Up a Pipeline: a call to arms to save the world

Daniel Goldhaber's film about desperate measures for desperate times is one of the year's most critically acclaimed films, and it's now available for rental on AppleTV+ and other streaming platforms.

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Return to Seoul: a personal crisis of mistaken identity

If we don't know the context we came from, or the biology from which we were born, we might face particular challenges in figuring out who we are. That's the idea that drives Freddie on an erratic journey of self-discovery and reinvention in this riveting film.

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Down in “the miry clay” of the documentary All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

This Oscar-nominated documentary exposes corporate cruelty from a voice of experience and a heart of compassion.

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Overstreet Archives: Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002)

A flashback to a curious moment at the crossroads of Christianity and the big screen: a VeggieTales movie that actually scored "fresh" on... wait for it... Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Quiet Girl (2023)

No, this isn't about a girl who doesn't speak. Cáit has plenty to say throughout. This is, instead, a movie about the extraordinary power of people who have the patience and generosity to listen — to the soft-spoken, the uncertain, and the insecure.

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Overstreet’s Favorite Films of 2022 — Part Three: The Top Ten

The day has finally come — I've seen enough films from 2022, and spent enough time reading about them, talking about them with thoughtful moviegoers, and writing about them that I'm ready to post my favorite films of 2022. (Just in time for the Oscars!)

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Looking Closer with Jeffrey Overstreet

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– e. e. cummings, “i thank You God for most this amazing”