Looking Closer Recommends: Resources on Music

For the love of music, I read a lot of websites and follow a lot of writers.

These are just a few of the pages, perspectives, and people whose work I have found consistently rewarding and worth my time and attention over many years.

Keep a few things in mind as you look them up:

First, I didn’t say I always agree with them. But I want to honor them here as a sign of gratitude for what I have learned from them, and to say that I find disagreeing with them more constructive than frustrating.

Second, I know I’m leaving a lot of names off of this list that I could probably include. But these are the names I find myself wanting to look up on an almost daily basis because their writing is engaging even if I’m not particularly interested in the particular music that they’re writing about.

AllMusic Guide – featuring Thom Jurek, Steven Thomas Erlewine, Mark Deming, and more.

Metacritic music review roundup

NPRAll Songs Considered and First Listen

Greil Marcus – Any of his music writing, especially The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll in Ten Songs

Andy Whitman – Razing the Bar and his music reviews for Paste

Josh Hurst On Records

Joel Heng Hartse