Looking Closer Recommends: Resources on Movies & Media

I read a lot of writers about movies and media.

These are just a few of the pages, perspectives, and people whose work I have found consistently rewarding and worth my time and attention over many years.

Keep a few things in mind as you look them up:

First, I didn’t say I always agree with them. But I want to honor them here as a sign of gratitude for what I have learned from them, and to say that I find disagreeing with them more constructive than frustrating.

Second, I know I’m leaving a lot of names off of this list that I could probably include. But these are the names I find myself wanting to look up on an almost daily basis because their writing is engaging even if I’m not particularly interested in the particular movie that they’re writing about.

Favorite Sources of Long-Form Film Criticism:

Bright Wall Dark Room

Good Letters: The Image Blog (infrequent film essays, among posts on many other arts-and-culture subjects, from a variety of writers)

Favorite Critics:

A Sunday afternoon in Seattle: (l-r) Anne Doe Overstreet, Jeffrey Overstreet, Alissa Wilkinson, Tom Wilkinson, Lauren Wilford

Lauren Wilford:

Bright Wall Dark Room, Movie Mezzanine, The Other Journal, TumblrLetterboxd

Alissa Wilkinson:

Vox, Christianity Today, AlissaWilkinson.com

Steven Greydanus on fear: Source

Steven Greydanus:

Decent Films, The National Catholic Register, and Crux

Steven D. Greydanus interviews director Scott Derrickson.

Michael Sicinski:

The Academic Hack, Cinema ScopeMubi

Matt Zoller Seitz and Me
Jeffrey Overstreet meets Matt Zoller Seitz at the release party for the RogerEbert.com editor’s book about Wes Anderson.

Matt Zoller Seitz:

RogerEbert.com, New York Magazine

David Thomson:

Author of Have You Seen . . . ? and The New Biographical Dictionary of Film

Mike D’Angelo:

The Man Who Viewed Too Much

Richard Brody:

The New Yorker

Gareth Higgins:

Movies and Meaning

Peter Chattaway:


Anthony Lane:

The New Yorker

Michael Leary:

Filmwell, indieWire

I’m also grateful for the reviews at Fandor’s Keyframe, and the amazing news archive kept by the irrepressible David Hudson at Keyframe Daily.