Now this is podcasting!

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Join me for a talk about 2015’s best records so far

What's your favorite record of 2015 so far? Let me know, and I'll try to make find time to mention it during the live podcast recording of the show.

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Oscars 2015: Listen to My Discussion and Debate with Dr. Jeff Keuss, Novelist Jennie Spohr, and Producer Anna Miller

Finally... an Oscar year that brings some much needed focus to a subject sorely overlooked at the movies — great men with big dreams!

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Christmas, Calling, Carols, and #Ferguson: Jeff Keuss Hosts a Conversation with Rev. Richard Dahlstrom, Dr. Brian Bantum, Anna Miller, and Myself (with Music from Eric Miller)

What can we learn from Mary, the mother of Christ, that can help us understand what is happening in Ferguson?

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Podcast: Listen as a Theology Professor, an English Professor, an Ordained Minister, and a Film Critic Talk About That Noah Movie

Did the theologian think the movie was "un-Biblical"? Did the English professor think the "rock monsters" in the movie were "stupid"? Did the ordained minister think that God was absent in the film? Did the film critic think it was "the worst Christian movie ever made"?

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Podcast: What Do Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, and Jay Gatsby Have in Common?

Two posts back, I gave you a challenge: Close your eyes. If I say the word “masculine,” who is the first familiar face that you see? Who’s the man? In this podcast on masculinity and action heroes, one of the panelists was particularly enthusiastic about a certain actor who's been seeing a lot of action...

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