2015: Overstreet’s Favorite Films

Note: I will continue to add brief reviews to this post as the weekend progresses. But since I said I'd post this list on New Year's Eve, and it is now two days late, I'm posting the bare-bones list now.

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Now this is podcasting!

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Harrison Ford is back in character!

We held our breath. The Lucasfilm logo came up. We cheered. Familiar music. Familiar sights. And then...

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Looking Elsewhere: Dec. 4, 2014

Here are a few recent distractions and discoveries from elsewhere on the web that gave me fleeting moments of relief from the storms of a Bad News Week.

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Star Wars – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999): Looking Back 15 Years

I know, I know. Take a deep breath. Let go of your anger, young Jedi.

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