Playful, nightmarish, fantastical, political: Problemista is all over the place

Julio Torres's leap from television's Los Espookys to the big screen has some remarkable highlights... and some complicated challenges.

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Cabrini celebrates a true Christian vision of embracing immigrants and opposing cruelty

Angel Studios' new film celebrates a woman who helped America practice what it preaches about welcoming immigrants and serving the poor. And this time, the studio gets it mostly right.

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Love Lies Bleeding “hulks out” with surreal surprises

This wild, weird, violent, genre-dodging thriller from Rose Glass suggests we're seeing a B-movie auteur on the rise.

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The spirit of ’80s Tim Burton is alive in Lisa Frankenstein

This Halloween-y rom-com is an '80s cosplay party that should scratch itches for Tim Burton fans and those who thrilled to the audacity of Heathers.

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Adam Driver plays a driver — again! — in Michael Mann’s Ferrari

Michael Mann's passion project has finally arrived. Is it a victory lap for the master? Or does it crash and burn?

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Teyana Taylor deserved an Oscar nomination for A Thousand and One

When I reviewed this film, I predicted that Teyana Taylor would be unjustly overlooked for an Oscar nomination. I was right. But we still have the movie and her outstanding performance.

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Kore-eda’s Monster keeps us guessing

The prolific director Hirozaku Kore-eda's latest is a complex braid of stories about secrets that seem too scary to reveal.

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It’s allergy season, and I’m allergic to Godzilla

You'll think about Japanese wartime and post-war history. You'll find a focus on redemption and grace. You'll cheer for great special effects. And if you're luckier than me, it might become your favorite Godzilla movie.

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Haynes hits a tense, hilarious high with May December

Just as Todd Haynes's new film keeps us guessing about Julianne Moore's deceptive ex-con and Natalie Portman's scheming method actor, it keeps us guessing what kind of movie it really means to be.

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The great Nicolas Cage shows up for Dream Scenario, but is the movie worthy of him?

No, Nicolas Cage is not "funnier than he's ever been." But he's really funny. And while everyone complains about the lackluster ending, let me praise what it does so well.

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