My friend Doug Dalrymple posted this for his friends on Facebook today. I asked permission to share this:


David Bowie once visited me in a dream.

I was living on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle with [my friends] Jonathan and Wayne, circa 1996-97. We had been listening to Bowie’s classic ‘70s albums nonstop for days when a series of winter storms arrived and buried everything in two feet of snow. The streets on the hill were so iced up that deliveries were impossible. Soon the little market down the street began to run out of food.

That night I dreamed that David Bowie lived with us. “Don’t worry,” he said. “We won’t starve.” He went into the kitchen and began to boil a giant pot of water, into which he dumped armfuls of sock puppets.

The four of us dined together on puppet stew while watching the snow fall, and everything was all right.