Okay, the Golden Globes are over, and now we know that The Martian was the best comedy/musical of 2015. Because of course it was. Television told us so. This leads me to conclude that Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t getting nearly enough appreciation for being a fantastic documentary.

Now for something completely different: What 2015 films would be the best to recommend to Christian audiences? What titles will challenge them, expand their understanding of how art can engage meaningful questions, and lead them into fruitful discussions? Maybe this is a good way to say it: If you were starting a “Looking Closer Movie Club” in your church basement, inviting adventurous viewers from your congregation, which films might be best to consider sharing with them?

The Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury Awards for 2015 represents an interesting community of accomplished film critics that assembled to ponder these questions. I’m honored to have been a part of it. The result is a strange and surprising list of films… perhaps most surprising for what movie rose to the top. Follow the presentation of winners at Image. Here’s Part One.