It’s easy to praise Garrels’ mad skills: his confident command of so many styles that it’s just unfair; his seemingly effortless musicianship; the way he can plant melodies—not just hooks or earworms, but whole melodies!—in your memory so that you’re singing them in your sleep; the way his voice acrobats its way from rapid-fire rap to a soulful falsetto that would bring tears to Sam Cooke’s ears.

(Okay, I’m sorry about that last one. It made sense when I wrote it.)

What’s more, I admire Garrels’ willingness to sing honestly about the complicated journey of faith—that is, a journey of doubt, questions, and struggle, as well as hope and joy and gratitude.

Home continues that journey, reaching new and joyous heights. I’m particularly fond of the chorus on “Colors” and the thick-soled boots that stomp through “Leviathan.”

And yet. (Oh, I hate to say this, but there is an “And yet. . .”)

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