Music from the ruins of Mars Hill

“If you know anything about the story of Mars Hill,” says Bryan, “if you know the story of the downfall and disintegration of Mars Hill Church, the story of [the pastor’s] resignation, and the relationship between him and Dustin, then you’ll know what Dustin is singing about when you listen to ‘Gallows.’”

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Josh Garrels goes Home

I admire Garrels’ willingness to sing honestly about the complicated journey of faith—that is, a journey of doubt, questions, and struggle, as well as hope and joy and gratitude.

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Belle and Sebastian’s happy song about sadness

Want an injection of instant joy? I’ve just heard the most joyful song about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Thank you, Belle and Sebastian!

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Madonna, Bettye LaVette, Joe Henry: Whose version of Stop is best?

The new album by Bettye LaVette, produced by Joe Henry, features some excellent test cases when it comes to the subject of cover songs.

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