On Friday night, in Calgary, AB, I’ll be speaking about the Oscars, the movies Oscar overlooked, and taking the road less traveled to a life of rewarding, life-changing, “dangerous” moviegoing.

On Saturday night I’ll be flying home to Seattle.

On Sunday night…

… I plan to write, read, sleep, and ignore the marathon of “Are you kidding me?” moments called the Academy Awards. If there’s anything worth seeing – there probably will be (maybe five minutes?) – I’ll find it on YouTube in the morning.

I posted my Oscar predictions last week.

You can listen to a podcast discussion of the Oscars, featuring Dr. Jeff Keuss, Dr. Chris Chaney, Jennie Spohr, and me, at The Kindlings Muse. 

And you can see my list of favorite films released in the U.S. in 2011 here… or, by contrast, my favorite films that were released in the world in 2011 here.