Oscars 2015: Listen to My Discussion and Debate with Dr. Jeff Keuss, Novelist Jennie Spohr, and Producer Anna Miller

Finally... an Oscar year that brings some much needed focus to a subject sorely overlooked at the movies — great men with big dreams!

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Seven Films That the Oscars Forgot

Now would be a great time to catch up with what the Oscars missed. And they missed a lot. Good news: Most of those titles are now easily accessible for you to enjoy at home.

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Not Gonna Bow: Notes on the Oscars

It appears that a lot of people have completely misunderstood what cinema is for, concluding that it's all some big cockamamie competition.

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Hey, Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, and Ang Lee: What’s Your Verdict?

What film prize means more to filmmakers around the world than an Oscar? Somebody won it today. And most American moviegoers — munching popcorn and slurping corn syrup as they watch disposable, factory-made films — won't even notice that it happened.

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A (Temporary) Farewell to Film Review Work

Writing, I find, is a joy and an adventure. But it's not much of a job. In fact, you need another job in able to afford to do it.

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The Best Films of 2012? Here's the Indiewire 2012 Critics Poll

So… was The Master a good movie, or not? What about Lincoln or The Avengers? What about This is 40 or Zero Dark Thirty? 204 film critics voted in this year’s Indiewire critics’ poll. Their choices do not resemble the Box Office Top 10 or the movies likely to be honored by the Golden Globes. Why is that? Who's right?

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