This week’s blue-ribbon-winning letter from a reader comes in response to my review of No Country for Old Men, which was published at CTMovies.

The reader writes:

I cannot believe that any Christian could review this movie as objectively as you did!!!!!!! This is exactly what is wrong with our society! Tell it like it is and don’t be afraid to offend anyone!!!!! I question not only you, but the motion picture industry????? This movie was HORRIBLE!!!! This movie was NOT entertaining, NOT art, NOT what I think most normal AMERICAN people want to watch. It was dark and offensive and extremely disturbing. HOW could you give this movie 3 1/2 stars? Did I miss something???? I like how you tried to sensationalize the characters!!! I am disappointed in a web site touting Christianity that would give credit to a movie that had NOTHING to do with being a Christian much less just being a decent person! I feel compelled to somehow get into the movie business after such garbage!!!! I would love your input and arguments as to why this movie was rated so highly. Sorry if I sound so irritated!!!! I AM!

Thank you.

You’re welcome!!!!!!!!! You are welcome to read my “arguments” in the book Through a Screen Darkly!!!!! And I LOOK FORWARD to your venture into the movie business!!!

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