The Coen Brothers: Winning With Losers

"Coen losers tend to stay losers." — Damian Arlyn on the Coen brothers' characters

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The Theology of the Coen Brothers? A Conversation Between Matt Zoller Seitz and Jeffrey Overstreet

Originally titled "O Coen Brothers, Where Art God?", this is my conversation with Matt Zoller Seitz about theology, Raising Arizona, morality, Fargo, good and evil, The Big Lebowski, and so much more.

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Looking Elsewhere: October 28, 2015

A farewell to a beloved film critic. Free music from Welcome Wagon. The President and Marilynne Robinson, Part 2. The Dardenne brothers. Back to the Future. Mulholland Drive. And news about three promising film projects.

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Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

His name is Salieri, and in Milos Forman’s beloved film "Amadeus," he is played by F. Murray Abraham. Why am I talking about "Amadeus" when this is supposed to be a review of "Inside Llewyn Davis"? Stay with me. It’s important.

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Netflix Brings Back the Coen Brothers’ Most Underrated Comedy

The Coen Brothers' "Intolerable Cruelty" may be their most underrated film. Now that it's streaming on Netflix, it's time to watch it again.

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