Will anyone ever get it right?

Galahad looks to be the next movie drawn from the adventures of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. (Cinematical speculates: Will Gerard Butler be Galahad?)

The Arthur legends are some of the richest stories ever told, and yet Arthur has suffered some of his most embarrassing defeats on the big screen. John Boormn’s Excalibur has a sort of glam-rock glory to it, but is it really the ultimate Arthur movie, or was it really just an extended wizard-rock music video ahead of its time?

Clive and Kiera? Blecch.

Gere and Connery? No way.

Only Monty Python’s efforts have made it into my DVD library.

I say that Disney had the right idea with The Sword and the Stone. T.H. White’s The Once and Future King is¬†fantastic source material, just waiting for the right director to come along and turn it into a movie, or better, a couple of movies.

Who would you want to see direct an Arthurian epic?

Who should play Arthur? Guinevere? Lancelot? Merlin?

Or should this be a Pixar 3-D project, marrying supreme digital technology with grownup-moviegoer seriousness, succeeding where Beowulf fell short?

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