This new Image blog? I’m loving it. Brave, thought-provoking, substantial¬†new material every week.

Check out A.G. Harmon’s skepticism regarding the celebrated movie Amazing Grace.

And Lukas Kwong’s excellent consideration of church music and the Christian musician. Should Christian musicians be following Bono’s example? Is Sufjan Stevens a good role model?

There’s also thoughtful soul-searching by Laura Good about her eclectic media diet during a time of hardship, and Peggy Rosenthal asks if she, in her “grandmotherly age,” can find some insight into contemporary hip-hop music. (Hint: Yes, she can.)

The best publication on the intersection of faith and art is now boasting one of the finest blogs — perhaps the finest ‚Äî on the subject. Thank you, Mr. Wolfe and company.

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