The world may have to find a way to go on without any new blog posts from me for a few days.

I’m on my way to a small gathering of Christian writers.

I have the privilege of being invited to speak to the Chrysostom Society, and this year, that small assembly will include Luci Shaw and John Hoyte, John Wilson of Books and Culture, Scott Cairns, Eugene Peterson, Richard Foster, Diane Glancy, and others whose writing has been inspirational to me. I am both intimidated by the thought of speaking to such accomplished company, and humbled by God’s mysterious ways which has led me to this opportunity. Frankly, I’d rather sit and learn from any one of them.

All of that to say… I may be offline until Tuesday.

I’m told that I may not have internet access in the place we’re headed. (But then again, I might. So you might not be rid of me so easily.

If I *am* offline, that’ll mean I can’t scan and approve any Comments left on this blog. So any comments you send will be put in a “Hold” bin until I get back. But don’t worry. I’ll be able to read and approve them all soon.

I’m scrambling to get new plane tickets at the last minute, because a blizzard in Dallas just managed to shut down the Dallas airport and cancel our flights. (Yikes!!) So, I must get back to the crisis here. And then, well… I’ve got a speech to prepare before my 4:30 am trip to the airport.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.