At Christ and Pop Culture, Movieguide reportedly has “the last word.”

Here’s what they want:

We support a return to the Moral Code of Decency and the vetting of all scripts for movies going to public theater and DVD retail within 20 years, if not in 3-5 years. That would probably include the elimination of all R-rated and NC-17 content as well as most PG-13 content. We also look forward to Christian/biblical hegemony within the industry. If this ministry had much more support, our progress would be that much quicker.

“The last word.” But not if people respond with comments, I suppose…

I would say more. But then, well, that’s why I wrote Through a Screen Darkly.

And by the way, the best movie in theaters movie right now, according to Movieguide, is College Road Trip, starring Martin Lawrence.

Meanwhile, they rate Gus Van Sant’s celebrated film Paranoid Park as one of the worst, for reasons like this: “No strong moral points are made…” and “… the main character is somewhat androgynous and does not really care about the opposite sex …”

[UPDATE: In the comments below, note #6. This isn’t the first time that a disgruntled reviewer for Movieguide has written in with a testimony about¬†Ted Baehr’s unethical editorial practices. Flashback to Sean Gaffney’s previous testimony.]

[UPDATE #2: At Bartholemew’s Notes on Religion, an interesting Movieguide contradiction is highlighted.]

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