Best Engagement Story Ever?

My friend Tara Mansbridge and I had an extensive IM chat this weekend. She sent Anne and me an exciting announcement — she’s engaged to a fantastic guy named Bryan. This was no surprise. Tara recently relocated from Toronto to Colorado Springs due to Bryan’s influence. But we’re delighted that it’s official now.

Why am I blogging about this? Because it’s the best movie-related engagement story I’ve ever heard. In fact… I think it’s the best engagement story I’ve ever heard. Bryan is a brave, ambitious, imaginative man. And this is one spectacular story.

If Anne Lamott Ran the Oscars…

Anne Lamott is one of several writers at Salon speaking out about their favorite films of 2007.

The Kindlings Muse and the Oscars: Are This Year’s Nominees “Theological”?

Last Monday night, Dick Staub hosted another edition of The Kindlings Muse before a live audience at Seattle’s Hale’s Pub and Brewery. I joined Greg Wright and Jennie Spohr for a heated discussion of the five films nominated for Best Picture… and what those films are really about.

The crowd participated in a lively Q&A time, and the whole evening was a joy. It’s such a pleasure to be among Christians who are eager to discuss and contemplate works of art, rather than complaining about what offends them.

I suspect you missed it. But no worries… you can listen in on our conversations here!

(An archive of Kindlings Muse film discussions is located in the sidebar on the right side of this blog.)

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