Chattaway’s back to regular blogging, now that his wife Deanna and the twins are home from the hospital. (Congratulations again, Chattaway family!) Well, in truth, Peter never really stopped blogging, but he’s got so much interesting stuff this week, I won’t get specific. I’ll just send you over there.

Oh, and I should also note another stamp of approval for Chattaway’s work. He’s must be doing some good work, if he’s provoked Ted Baehr to say THIS about him:

It’s shocking to find out that reviewers don’t have a philosophy of art or knowledge of basic literary criticism. It’s even more shocking to find that Christian reviewers don’t have a theology of art. But, then, to discover that Christian reviewers don’t know the economics of the film industry is beyond the pale of common sense.

How long do you give Baehr before he notices just how “beyond the pale” I’ve been in my comments about him here? (I suppose it’s true… color does tend to drain from my face when I read Baehr’s typically outrageous statements about film.)

I look forward to seeing Chattaway’s inevitable response…

[UPDATE: Ah, here is the inevitable response.]


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