For the last few weeks, I’ve been appearing as a guest on the call-in talk radio show Hogg Wild, hosted by the Reverend Bill Hogg, on Seattle’s radio station KGNW.

Reverend Bill is a gracious, witty, and courageous host, and he’s not afraid to let me praise controversial films like Million Dollar Baby on the air… even when some of his listeners are probably more inclined to take the Michael Medved/Rush Limbaugh/Ted Baehr approach and go looking for some subversive political agenda.

This Sunday evening, at 10 p.m., we’ll be live on the air talking about what just happened at the Oscars on Sunday night. Tune in to hear us in a state of shock and outrage as the Academy gives the awards to the wrong contenders. Or … perhaps … we’ll be celebrating a rare occasion in which they made good choices. We’ll see.

Just look at this guy. Is he the definition of cool, or what?