• If you missed my headline-scan at CT Reel News this week… it’s not too late. There’s news about Hobbits invading Boston, children entering Narnia, Bryan Singer jumping on Superman, Malaysians attending The Passion, Stephen Baldwin entering the ministry, Ralph Fiennes stalking Harry Potter, Kevin Smith renewing wedding vows, Shawshank celebrating an anniverary, Faramir falling in love… and more.
  • The next Sofia Coppola film will star Kirsten Dunst as Marie-Antoinette, with Jason Schwartzman as Louis XVI. Production starts in February in France.
  • Michael Pitt, that dude shuddering in the watchtower in The Village is playing Kurt Cobain in Gus Van Sant’s fictionalized version of the Nirvana star’s last days … a movie called Last Days.
  • The role of Mr. Beaver in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe will be played by a sexy beast: Ray Winstone. YES!! Winstone’s one of my favorite actors. He turned in solid and varied work in Sexy Beast, Cold Mountain, and Ripley’s Game.


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