In the latest episode of the podcast Looking Closer with Jeffrey Overstreet, Vancouver B.C. author, illustrator, animator, and educator Ken Priebe talks about his three outstanding children’s books: Gnomes of the Cheese Forest, Let There Be Owls Everywhere, and The Ice Cream Truck at Midnight, all of which you can enjoy by ordering through the website of your favorite independent bookstore… or through the corporate giants, if you need to.

Author Ken Priebe is amazed that Overstreet has the strength to hold all three of his substantial storybooks at once!

Listen to our hour-long conversation here!

Priebe has been a friend and kindred spirit for many years, enthusing with me over the Muppets, favorite animated films, beloved children’s books, and more. It’s extremely rare that I meet anyone whose lifelong passions overlap so much with mine.

Ken Priebe reflects on his career of animation, illustration, and storytelling.

He’s also a generous artist. He’s surprised me with illustrations from time to time, like this one of one of a viscorclaw, one of the creepy wooden monsters from my own fantasy series The Auralia Thread:

A “viscorclaw” from The Auralia Thread, drawn by Ken Priebe.

Here are a couple of portraits he has done for my endeavors at Looking Closer:

It’s been a goal of mine for many years to feature Ken Priebe at Looking Closer in a way that will inspire readers to discover his imagination for themselves. So listen in to this wide-ranging conversation about monsters, mayhem, and the life-saving power of play.