If you are on the hunt for great books about writing, great books about teaching, great books about faith, or great books about whales — yes, whales — have I got a recommendation for you!

Here is the full Facebook Live conversation I had with Peter Wayne Moe on June 17 about his book, which invites us into meditations on =whale-chasing, writing, and faith: Touching This Leviathan.

Melissa Bear and David Brewster of The Edmonds Bookshop hosted this event, captured it, and delivered this recording so that we could share it with a larger audience. (The original live event ran into technical difficulties, and the first 20 minutes of the event did not stream. Fortunately, thanks to Brewster’s efforts, we can now share the whole thing.)

If you have any trouble playing the video below, follow this link to the original Facebook post.

Anne and I have been buying up copies of this book, too — we’re that enthusiastic about it. It’s great when you find that your friend’s new book is legitimately the best thing you’ve read all year.

Learn more about Dr. Moe and his extraordinary book at peterwaynemoe.com.