It’s the post-Oscar-season slump, when studios typically dump their trash into theaters. If I have an itch to go to the movies, what rates as something better than dumpster diving?


You’re right — a lot of “leftovers” are wasting space on the big screen right now. But take courage! You can make good use of your moviegoing time.

Teaching classes at four schools, I’m finding it hard to make time for this March moviegoing madness. But I’m glad I saw The LEGO Batman Movie. (Here’s my review.)

I liked A United Kingdom, mostly because the two lead actors elevated rather mediocre material. (Here’s that review.)

If you haven’t had a chance to see I Am Not Your Negro, make the time. It is an extraordinary experience, and it’s meaningful to celebrate the prophetic voice of James Baldwin with a moviegoing community. On the big screen, the subject gets the honor he deserves. I haven’t reviewed it yet. Why? It demands substantial attention, and I get emotional when I think much about it. So I’m looking for a window of time in which I can do the subject justice.

More recent releases — I’ve heard great things about Get Out, and I cannot wait to see it! I’ve heard mixed reviews for Logan. And you’d have to pay me some good money for me to spend any time watching Kong: Skull Island or The Shack.

But the movie I’m most excited about seeing in a theater this month? Kedi.