It’s time.

Let me give you some background:

I had a remarkable run of years in writing and publishing books — five titles in four years (2007-2011). That was a rush. A privilege. An exhilarating joy, after a decade of hard work on manuscripts that I never thought would be read beyond my circle of friends. An unexpected blessing.

Things took a difficult turn after that. The demands of my day job (writing, editing, and marketing in higher education) increased dramatically, wiping out the resources, the time, and the support I had for creative writing. And my heroic literary agent, Lee Hough, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. To keep my writing alive, I had to be content with smaller projects: I wrote as a journalist, an arts reviewer, and an essayist. And I relaunched this very website.

During that time, I began receiving surprising counsel from my friends and mentors: They told me that my skills were being squandered in my job, and that I was meant to be a teacher. So, in order to equip myself for that, I earned an MFA in creative writing, under the mentorship of accomplished authors, including Lauren Winner, Paula Huston, and Gregory Wolfe.

Now? It’s time. Time to take the lessons and experiences of that time and turn them into a new form of service.

Beginning in September, I will step up to teach my first creative writing class and other writing courses at Seattle Pacific University. It’s a dream come true. My creative writing instructor at SPU, all the way back in 1991, told me that she was confident I would follow in her footsteps. I never really believed her. But then, she also match-made me and the woman I eventually married, so… maybe I should have trusted her! The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Thanks to the encouragement and support of the English faculty at SPU, it’s happening!

But why stop there?

What if you and I talked about that idea you’ve had for a book? Or a short story? Or a website?

What if I could help you brainstorm, or if I could read and provide a detailed commentary to your rough draft essay, short story, novel, or memoir?

Are you using all of the colors?
Are you using all of the colors?

I’m open for business!

A new website is coming soon that will detail my available services and rates. But readers of Looking Closer get an early advantage.

  • Would you like to work with me on your writing?
  • Shall we discuss your book idea, and brainstorm together?
  • Does your son or daughter show potential as a writer? Would I be able to serve them as a mentor?
  • Would you like to schedule a phone or Skype conversation about your work, in order to explore ways of breaking through something that’s blocking you; to discuss ways of developing your characters and narrative; to draw up a reading list of texts that might speak into your current creative project; to talk about how to overcome challenges in content and style?
  • Would you like in-depth, paragraph-by-paragraph critique, commentary, and constructive questions on your rough draft?
crayons in aline
I want to help you unleash your creativity. #AlltheColors

Here’s the early-bird deal:

My editing calendar is open, and I’d love to reserve a spot for you. I’m offering my services as a creative consultant, as a substantive editor, and as a copyeditor.

Email me if you’re interested in this.

I’m offering lower rates in these early days, before the official website launches (in a month or two). In fact, it’s already begun: I’m working with my second client on her novel.

And I’m delighted to discover that this feels just right.

Decades of exploration and experience have led me to this point. And I hope you’ll play a role in my next chapter. Or, rather, I hope that I can play a role in yours.