I love it when my friends are well published. But this is a rare occasion. Two of my favorite writers on film — one a recent graduate of Seattle Pacific University, the other a recent graduate of SPU’s MFA in Creative Writing program — are featured in the new issue of Bright Wall/Dark Room.

Alissa Wilkinson and Lauren Wilford copy

Lauren Wilford gives an epic and insightful close read of Vertigo. The essay is now featured in its entirety at RogerEbert.com.

It involves a thought experiment. Wilford proposes that we

…experience “Vertigo” through the eyes of its female lead, Judy Barton. What was once a mystery becomes a horror film, a story of anxiety so profound that it approaches body horror.

In the same issue: Alissa Wilkinson on The Birds.

(But you’ll have to buy the issue to get that.)

Congratulations, Lauren and Alissa!

Looking forward to the day you and your significant others all decide to move to Seattle.

sunday w Wilkinsons and Wilford - crop
One magical Sunday, Anne and I had the good fortune to find Alissa and Tom Wilkinson (center) and Lauren Wilford (right) all in the same place at the same time. Then they all, like the Easy Street Records shop in the background, vanished into thin air and were replaced by a new branch of Chase Bank.

The backlash against Starbucks’ holiday cups is going too far.

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sophie schollSteven Greydanus, at Crux, writes:

In the cultural upheaval following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a wave of German historical films cast a critical eye back to Germany’s painful 20th-century history.

These new German historical films or “German heritage films” are typically accessible and popular in form, classically realistic in style, and moralistic in tone, inviting viewers to empathize with historical figures or characters in historical contexts in their individual choices to collaborate or to resist, and to contemplate what we would have done in that situation.

He goes on to compare and contrast two films about “faith, conscience, and state-sponsored evil”: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days and The Ninth Gate.

For anyone who’s been paying attention…

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