It’s been a good week for a new blog launch.

The days are turning grey and rainy here in Seattle. This is the natural habitat of grunge, where long seasons of gloom can slowly wear us down into despondency. I find myself reaching for more propulsive music when I start the car in the morning, something that will burn like the sun through the fog and remind me to get up and go, to strive, to pursue dreams.

I want to hold on to the creative motivation that I felt among my fellow artists and dreamers at the Hutchmoot conference in Nashville last weekend. I want to build a rocket, aim high, and launch.

So I’ve been singing loudly in the car. And launching this new blog has put me in the mood to start building new worlds and writing new stories.

Help me out: What song does that for you? 

harry jerome runnerWhat song — or music — stirs up a surge of ambition in you to write that novel, paint that picture, chase that new job, run that marathon?

Post your battery-charging theme song in the comments, and I’ll collect the answers for an upcoming post.

Here are three to get the ball rolling.

The first is the song that traditionally closes the dance party at the end of The Glen Workshop, sending us all out into a new year of daring to be creative and make stuff.

Cheesy? You betcha. Motivating? Oh, yeah.

The second is… well… it speaks for itself. When I listen to it, I’m nine years old again, stirring up a storm of crayons and typewriter ribbons and scissors and glue and construction paper. I want to make stuff when I hear this song.

And the third has a sting in its tail, if you’re listening closely.

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