Children, in view of the recent revelations about the New England Patriots’ legacy of cheating, I’ve got a great movie recommendation for you.

It’ll inspire you to strive to make enough money so that you can cheat, lie, destroy evidence, and eventually overpower ideals of law and justice to become the American ideal.

You’ll be able to say and do whatever you want, accessorize with a supermodel girlfriend… and people might even rally around you for a presidential campaign.

Wolf of Wall StreetCheck out The Wolf of Wall Street, and then you can quit worrying about things like ethics and conscience and get back to the more important business of pro sports and American leadership.

It turns out that Martin Scorsese’s movie was pretty much prophetic.

This is the nature of “heroism” in America now. This is how you win championships and glory. You spend it all. Including character. Including integrity.

So, go Tom Brady!

Go Patriots!

And let’s not forget Brady’s endorsement of another winner for the 2016 presidential election, who seems to be a follower of the same gospel.