The long-running community of friends and colleagues called Arts and Faith has published their latest list of essential films: The Top 25 Films on Memory.

It was a privilege to participate in the discussions that led to the vote, and then to contribute some of the film summaries.

Here’s an excellent introduction written by Ryan Holt, who blogs at I’ve Seen That Movie Too.

Holt writes:

The idea of memory is of particular interest to the Arts & Faith community, a group comprised of cinephiles shaped by a mutual interest in faith and spirituality. After all, religion is built upon a kind of collective memory, enshrined in traditions and preserved teachings and experiences, shared records of hopes and faith. It follows that the list features the work of filmmakers of faith as well as those whose work resonates with the essential yearnings that lie at the center of religious traditions.

But memory also cuts to the very center of personhood: memories are what define and shape us, give us personality, give us life.

Did we miss any important films about memory? Make the case for your favorite here. (If you don’t, I’ll assume we got the list exactly right!)


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