It started as a spur-of-the-moment experiment.

I asked Joe Henry if he’d be willing to share his Christmas favorites playlist. I so admire his music, the projects that he chooses to produce, and the way that he listens. I wanted to hear what he hears at Christmas time.

At Overstreet Headquarters, we don't have bookends. We have bookents.
At Overstreet Headquarters, we don’t have bookends. We have bookents.

But by the time I finished writing him an email, I began to think of other listeners I wanted to ask. And before long, I’d send out so many invitations that I made myself stop.

Maybe two or three of them will respond, I thought.

Almost all of them responded.

And the experiment turned into one of the most exciting and rewarding (and time consuming!) experiences I’ve had while blogging at Looking Closer.

I hope you enjoyed it. And a whole-hearted “Thank you!!” to the thoughtful contributors who brought this idea to life.

I’m convinced that I should do a Round Two next year. And I’m particularly interested in making next year’s list more diverse in a variety of ways. (My invite list this year was somewhat diverse, but you can’t really tell based on those who responded.)

If you’re interested in participating, let me know.

Below, for your convenience, you’ll find the complete list of 2014 Christmas Playlist hosts and DJs, with links to their playlists and commentaries.


Before the Advent season is over, dive back into this list and discover some Christmas music you’ve never heard before. Revisit your favorites. The more that we meditate on the spirit of this season, the more it will carry over and bring blessings for us and for others throughout the year.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.