BREAKING NEWS: Summer is over and Autumn has arrived in Seattle!

After an intolerable stretch of sunny days — perhaps the most relentless flood of sunshine the Emerald City has seen in decades — the clouds and rain have finally begun to move in and liberate Seattle from the conditions that confuse them and cause them to question their identity.

So, we’re sending out a massive HI 5 TO THE FACE to Autumn. Rain, thunder, lightning, radiant colors, melancholy, depression… bring it all on!

What is a Hi 5 to the Face? You’ll get your explanation here.

Another Hi 5 goes out to…

Eric Crissman: My longtime coworker Eric Crissman, who is leaving my boundlessly creative team at Seattle Pacific University. Eric is largely responsible for the glory that is the Seattle Pacific University website. He made it look beautiful, run smoothly, and bring people back again and again. Similarly, he designed the website for the magazine called Response, for which I am a contributing editor.

Here’s a picture of Eric receiving his “Chocolate Frownie” farewell cake.

So, turn that frown upside-down, Eric Crissman, and best wishes in your new endeavors.

By the way, if you think you have what it takes to replace Eric Crissman and steer the ship of SPU’s website into the next chapter of its history, here’s the intimidating job description. Apply today!