Well, I went and opened my big mouth on the Internets again. I rambled on about burnout, about disillusionment, about driving myself into dangerous territory, about a desperate attempt to change my life.

I apologize in advance for the rambling. Let me explain…

In October, I’ll be speaking at Hutchmoot 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. I am so excited. I’ve wanted to attend one of these events for years, so it’s wild to be traveling there to actually speak at one of them!

As the creative and deep-thinking community that fuels the collaborative blog called The Rabbit Room start revving the engines for that event, I was invited to answer some questions from Matt Conner. I hope it sets the stage for some of the things I’ll be talking about when I get there.

I can’t wait. It’ll be a privilege and a pleasure to meet many writers and moviegoers and friends I’ve met online. And it’ll be an honor to speak at a conference where the headliner is a writer I greatly admire — novelist Leif Enger.

By the way, Connor asked me some tough questions about a challenging time in my life, including these…

  • I saw recently that you cleared your freelance slate for the first time since 2001 so you can “dream new stories.” … Do you have any glimpses of what’s to come?
  • Was there an element of fear in getting rid of all of that?
  • What are you willing to tell us at this point about what you’re writing now?
  • What’s your favorite movie you’ve seen in 2013?

You can read the whole interview here.