Today, Auralia turns five years old!

That is to say, Random House’s WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group published my first novel, Auralia’s Colors, on September 4, 2007.

I’m still in a state of grateful disbelief and giddy enthusiasm. So, in the spirit of Bilbo Baggins, I’m giving stuff away to some of the party guests… Here’s how you can join the party. (It’s easy.) You might be one of two to win a prize package. (Details below.)


Raise a glass, and write an original, imaginative toast to Auralia.


Then, email it to me ( or, if you want to “go public,”  post it as a comment here. Include an email address so I can contact you if you win.

No, it’s not a toast to me. I was just the messenger. It’s a toast to the character. It was Auralia’s vision, after all, that threw House Abascar in violent chaos, that got the attention of the sinister Seers of House Bel Amica, that awakened the conscience of a beastman named Jordam, that inspired Cal-raven to gather the refugees of his fallen house and lead them on a journey across the Expanse in search of a new home.

All because of the colors that Auralia gathered from the forest.

Feel free to include photographs, videos, or mp3s with your toast. But it’s the toast itself that will be considered for prizes.

And speaking of prizes: 1st Place.

  • A hand-carved wooden teleidoscope, so you can have your own colorful visions.
  • Your name (or, more likely, a variation on it) referenced in my next fantasy novel (whenever that might be). You might even end up as a character! (For example, Brad Davidson might become a treasure hunter named “Vidson Bradda.”)
  • Plus everything included in the 2nd Place package (below).

2nd Place.

  • Copies of all four books in The Auralia Thread signed by cover artist Kristopher K. Orr and myself.
  • A print of Karen Eck’s amazing “Auralia’s Colors” artwork, signed by the artist.
  • A signed print of Rachel Beatty’s Map of the Expanse.
  • Auralia Thread bookmarks

Sound like fun?

Okay, just imagine you’re at a party somewhere in the Expanse and you’re asked to say a few words to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Auralia’s emergence from the Cragavar Forest, the day she brought the world colors we had never seen before.

What would you say?

Deadline: Noon (Pacific Time) on Monday, September 10th.  

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