This morning, Brandon Fibbs posted this note on Facebook:

Following the Red Riding Hood screening, I expressed my feelings about the film to a colleague who was lucky enough to have been otherwise occupied. “Was it really that bad?” she asked. “Bad?” I replied. “Hitler was bad. This was awful.”

That should be all you need to know. But if you want something more thoughtful, Steven Greydanus reviews Red Riding Hood today at Decent Films.

I decided right away to avoid this film. The trailer borrowed so heavily from Twilight that it pretty much killed any hopes I had for an intelligent, enchanting fairy tale.

But films like this are not totally worthless. They can inspire thoughtful reviews which are, in the end, more rewarding than the movies themselves.

And let’s all be careful never to confuse this film and the impressive crime trilogy, Red Riding, that came out last year.

One is disturbing because it is a harrowing examination of corruption in law enforcement and the diseased minds of serial killers. The other is disturbing because it’s stupid.