Will you be one of them?

On a day of glorious Santa Fe sunshine, we will walk into a dark room, watch a movie, and then go out for a meal together. We’ll talk about the film. And then we’ll enjoy a leisurely afternoon of music, readings, a spectacular sunset, and a starry sky. We might even go out to a museum, go for a hike in the high plains outside of Santa Fe, visit the Santa Fe opera, or go shopping in the downtown plaza.

The next day, we’ll gather and discuss the film in great detail, considering how it works, what questions it has raised, and what we can learn from it.

Then we’ll watch another movie.

We’ll do this again and again… for five days.

Do you see why this is my favorite week of the year?

Registration is now open, and courses are filling up fast. Will you be one of the 20 moviegoers at our table?

Here’s the course description for Glen West, the 2011 Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Investigating Creativity: Films about Artists & Artmaking
Why do human beings make art? What purpose does it serve that other endeavors do not? How do we measure the significance of a work of art?

We’ll explore those questions as we watch a variety of provocative films about artists, artmaking, and art interpretation. These films aren’t just studies of the subject—they are great works of imagination and art in themselves. We’ll discuss what makes art “art”; the importance of play and curiosity in the process of artmaking; the role of limitations and suffering in artmaking; and the challenges of interpretation. We’ll talk about the works of art that have shaped how we see the world.

Those who register for this seminar will receive a list of films recommended for pre-seminar viewing.

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