This is the most thrilling stuff I’ve read at Christianity Today in a while.

Great interview. I wish they’d made this a cover story. It’s one of the most important conversations this magazine could offer its audience. But according to this, it’s a web-only feature. I don’t understand. Oh well… I guess they know better than I do what is important enough to put on the cover of the magazine. Why draw people’s attention to a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author’s profound views on reconciling science and religion? Who would want to read that?

Read the whole thing here.

Here’s Marilynne Robinson, author of Gilead, Home, and Absence of Mind:

Christianity should be itself. Christians acting like Christians would be the most effective possible evidence for the truth of what they profess. And here I am referring to the Sermon on the Mount, to Matthew 25 — those hard teachings that run so strongly against the impulses toward judgmentalism and exclusivism that assert themselves whenever any group decides to feel threatened. If Christians believe what they claim to believe, that the church is the body of Christ, how can they think any “culture wars” are necessary to its survival? Its wars, past and present, are the most telling charge brought against it. And Christians should care for what is true in every sense of the word true. This emphatically includes good science — understanding always its necessarily hypothetical workings.

This is from a must-read interview on the Christianity Today website. Here’s the question Robinson was answering:

“How should Christians respond to the self-sure writings of the popular science writers — especially since they don’t seem to be running out of publishing opportunities?”

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