It’s time for me to join the parade of list-makers…

The first part in my three-part series on my favorite films of 2009 has been posted at Good Letters, the Image blog.

You’ll noticed I’ve disabled comments on this post. If you have any thoughts, arguments, or questions, please leave your comment at the Image blog post itself.

And if you enjoy Image, its Good Letters blog, my film reviews there, or The Glen Workshop, or ArtsandFaith.com, then I have a favor to ask: Would you be willing to donate whatever you can — a dollar, five bucks, seventy-five bucks, anything — to Image?

One way to do that is to pick up something from their store. (Right now, there’s a 25%-off sale which has been extended through January 15.)

The recession has hurt so many publications. But if you’re going to contribute to preserving one through these hard times, which publication do you want to support? Image is the standard-setting journal on art and religion. What other periodical draws the support of artists like Annie Dillard, Wim Wenders, Scott Cairns, Bret Lott, Barry Moser, and Sara Zarr, just to name a few? We need Image now more than ever.

Please take a minute to join an heroic effort to preserve Image through this difficult time. They’re celebrating their 20th anniversary, but the recession is not showing them much kindness.

In my passion for the arts, no publication has inspired me and nourished me more than Image. I want it to survive. Join me in supporting the passionate people who invest their imaginations, their resources, and their hearts to make it beautiful.