I’m moving…

… from a regular Facebook Profile page to a Facebook Fan Page, due to a recommendation from my publisher.

I’ve resisted created a “Fan Page.” It makes me feel like a pathetic egomaniac. I don’t write this stuff for attention. I write it for conversation; each day is a new step in the search for beauty, excellence, and truth. And I don’t think of my friends, family, and readers as “fans.”

But apparently Facebook is set up so that a bigger community can connect to Pages, so in order to encourage a greater conversation about the stories in The Auralia Thread, the ideas in Through a Screen Darkly, and all of the great movies, music, and writing we love, I’m taking that recommendation. Just think of it this way: I’m moving into a bigger house so we can invite more people to this art party.

And while it means you’ll have to select ‘BECOME A FAN’ … well, I won’t think of you as a fan, and you can just think of me as a friend.

So come on over and join me at my new Conversation Headquarters: here.

COMING IN FEBRUARY: The biggest adventure so far in The Auralia Thread

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