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Hi ho, Jeffrey the overworked editor here.

Blogging’s been slow, as you have probably noticed. I’ve been reviewing the proofreading edits for Raven’s Ladder, and that effort has swallowed every evening and weekend from September 8th to the present. (I do all of this, oh best beloved, in the hours after my work at the day-job. Call it “burning the candle at both ends *and* the middle.) Today I discovered that there are still major issues that need attention, so the next 48 hours are going to be a very rough ride indeed.

But I did take a two-hour break around midnight on Saturday, after 13 straight hours of proofreading review, to go to a movie.

And wow… I made a good choice.

Get out to see Séraphine on a big screen if you can. Here’s a calendar of its screenings around the U.S. (Looks like it’s already come and gone from many major U.S. cities. Bummer.)


Séraphine is the richest, most affecting two hours I’ve spent in a theater all year. Yeah, I think it’ll stand alongside The Class, Munyurangabo, Up, and Summer Hours when I make up my year-end list of favorites. I came away with that rare sense of having been blessed… blessed the way Babette’s Feast blesses me, the way Wings of Desire blesses me, the way The New World blesses me. It’s the kind of film that celebrates the act of… yes… looking closer.


Okay, in other news:


I’ve been working on Raven’s Ladder so much that Cyndere’s Midnight feels like years ago. But here it is, nominated by a thoughtful reader for the 2009 Clive Stapes award.

We’ll be watching a new Peter Weir movie in the next couple of months? Looks like it!

The next Imagenation project, a film called The Way Back, could be released on a limited basis in four months to be eligible for the next Academy Awards.

Based on fact and directed by Peter Weir, previously nominated for Hollywood’s top honours for Master and Commander, The Truman Show and Witness, it stars Colin Farrell, Ed Harris and Jim Sturgess in an account of a group of soldiers escaping from a Siberian gulag.

“We just saw the first cut of that movie,” Mr Borgerding said last week. “It looks to be a brilliant film, which all of Peter Weir’s movies are.”

The historical drama was co-produced with National Geographic Entertainment.

Don’t discriminate against Jedi Knights.

First Things on Christians & cussing. I hear Jeff Goldblum’s voice: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

Congrats to Buddy Miller! Great to see a living legend finally getting some proper appreciation.


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