Few places I know are as nourishing to the spirit and the imagination as Laity Lodge. It’s hard to believe the place exists. Located just outside of Kerville, Texas, it’s a handsome lodge with its own library of inspiring spiritual literature, set over a winding river of deep blue water, opposite a canyon that is alive with colors and creatures. You’d never notice it from the highway… and you literally have to drive into the river to get there. Once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

I recently spent an inspiring weekend with friends old and new — Eugene and Jan Peterson, Walter and Thanne Wangerin, Luci Shaw and John Hoyte, Julia Kasdorf, Harold Fickett, William and Emilie Griffin, Greg Wolfe, Robert Clark, Jeanine Hathaway, Gina Oschner, and so many more inspiring mentors — and I cannot wait to get back there.

Even better, by God’s grace my good longtime friend and fellow explorer in the territory of art and the spirit, Steven Purcell, is the director of the lodge. So when he gets excited about an upcoming event, so do I.

He just alerted me to an event I encourage you to consider and to share with your friends who are ministers and artists. This is your chance to learn from an extraordinary artist, Makoto Fujimura; an inspired minister of the arts, David O. Taylor; Brian Moss, director of Worship, Music, and The Arts, at John Knox Presbyterian Church here in Seattle; and Mr. Purcell himself:


(April 20-23, 2009)


Set in the beautiful landscape of the Hill Country of Texas, this retreat welcomes all who are in the business of caring for artists.  Led by Makoto Fujimura, David Taylor, Brian Moss, and Steven Purcell, the retreat will explore the role of ‘pastoring’ and supporting artists. Whether you’re a pastor or a teacher or a lifelong friend of artists, what connects us all is a sense of call; we feel called by God to shepherd artists. We invite you to join your kindred for three days of talking, playing, eating, resting, and praying on behalf of our artist brothers and sisters who are serving the church and the world. 


Where: Laity Lodge.  When: April 20-23.  How much: $285 (includes meals and lodging).


For more information:

Telephone: 830-792-1207


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