Today I was a guest on the radio program “Along the Way.” We discussed Christianity Today Movies’ “Most Redeeming Films of 2008.”

But I was also asked to recommend some romantic movies for Valentine’s Day. We didn’t have time to discuss more than a few, but here’s the list I hurriedly threw together for their website:

Unexpected Movies for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Discover your next favorite date movie.

Try an overlooked romantic masterpiece:

* The Road Home
* Mostly Martha
* Sweet Land

Or try something stylish, unusual, and thought-provoking from another part of the world:

* In the Mood for Love
* Chungking Express
* Monsoon Wedding
* Arranged
* Once
* Three Times
* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
* Italian for Beginners

Not feeling very adventurous? Want to play it safe? Go back to an old favorite that you might have forgotten:

* Roxanne
* Amelie
* Strictly Ballroom
* Moulin Rouge
* Ladyhawke
* Bringing Up Baby
* Casablanca
* The Princess Bride
* Return to Me
* Sabrina
* Holiday

How about something classical and literary?

* Persuasion
* Pride and Prejudice
* Sense and Sensibility
* Emma
* Cyrano De Bergerac

My favorite historical epic is also a poetic exploration of romance and the definition of true love:

* The New World

But I recommend you revisit this year’s most unexpectedly romantic movie…


What’s on your list of the most romantic movies? I’m sure you can think of some obvious candidates I’ve forgotten…

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