I’m a big fan of Todd Field, who directed In the Bedroom and Little Children.

And I can’t believe what I just read:

Paramount Vantage has bought its first project of the Guy Stodel era, signing on for the crime drama “Buried,” with Todd Field attached to direct.

Brad Ingelsby will write the screenplay, which centers on a couple who, in a bid for cash, bury a wealthy man alive only to be caught and then forced to cope with the fallout on their relationship. Alexandra Milchan is on board to produce the picture, which also contains elements of dark comedy.

The story is based on an article written by Hillel Levin and James Keene. The duo had previously set up an untitled undercover-prison drama at Paramount based on Keene’s life.

Okay. That’s fine so far. But what’s this?

The William Morris-repped Ingelsby has been busy of late; the scribe, who is already attached to Ridley Scott’s “The Low Dweller,” signed on last week for Sam Raimi’s “Sleeper.” Field is on board to direct the Cormac McCarthy adaptation “Blood Meridian” for Scott Rudin.

Field is on board for WHAT?!


Ridiculous, and worse.  So say the new atheist books: In God is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens does not mince words, calling religion “violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children.” Now Bill Maher’s movie Religulous lampoons the plausibility and social effects of all religion, ominously concluding that the world will end if religion does not end. But I suggest that social science data point to a different conclusion than do the new atheist anecdotes of hypocritical and vile believers.

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