People who pre-ordered my new novel Cyndere’s Midnight, or rushed out to grab a copy, are sending in photos to mark the occasion. To thank them, I’m sending them all free Cyndere’s Midnight bookmarks.

And there’s good news: I can extend the deadline another couple of weeks, because I just found out that the publisher’s sending me MORE bookmarks!

The pictures are even more fun than I anticipated. I’ll post a few of them below….

So, what do these pictures show us about people who are reading The Auralia Thread?

They’re all a little bit crazy in the head. And that there’s still a good market for bookmarks.

Oh… and I think of them all as friends.

Ezra read Auralia’s Colors when he was very young. Now that he’s older, he’s can handle this darker sequel.

Tansy wrote to tell me that her favorite parts are the scenes involving dogs.

The Kimball kids and their various beasts celebrate a book about beastmen.

Either he has gi-normous hands, or he’s holding the book up close to the camera.

(Okay, so Todd Truffin does not exactly HAVE the book in hand yet, but he’s so upset about his delayed order that I decided to post his photo out of pity.)

A book so substantial, you can set it upright and do a headstand on it!

Hey, nice shirt! The symbol of consumerism at its best!

Jason Panella is determined to find a typo. DETERMINED.

The Baggs family show some school spirit, some Auralia spirit, and some family spirit. (And hey, bonus points for including a copy of Through a Screen Darkly!)

Melissa in Kansas City is too busy reading to pose. And that’s fine with me.

There’s still time for you to send in a photo and get a bookmark in return! Just email me a picture of you reading your copy, and be sure to include your mailing address! (Also, tell me whether you’re giving me permission to include the photo on this blog…)