Today, I was interviewed by Paul Asay of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In. We had a delightful conversation about Christian discernment at the movies. I respect Plugged In’s focus on helping us be discerning moviegoers and discerning parents.

It was a very encouraging exchange*, and I’m grateful to Mr. Asay for his thoughtful questions. He was the model of a good interviewer: respectful, educated, challenging, and gracious. I’ll let you know when the conversation is posted.

And speaking of being concerned about what our families see on the big screen, here’s a question that occurred to me today: Doesn’t it strike you as odd that a movie in which a character says the word “fuck” will get an R-rating, but a movie in which the main character is a likable Playboy bunny can be Rated PG-13?

I wonder how many kids are on their way to see The House Bunny this weekend.

Pardon my French, but something seems seriously @#$%ed up here.

*The conversation with Paul Asay was a good reminder for me that there are people at Focus who value what those of us at are doing, as opposed to a certain editor who publishes lies and slander about us. (No, still no apology from Focus on the Family yet for referring to CT’s critics as sexual perverts, but I have been receiving off-the-record, personal apologies from individuals within Focus who are horrified by the “boundless” accusations from a certain website editor there.)


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